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***Awarded 2009 Allbooks Review Editor's Choice for Business!...Click to view press release

You Will Discover:

> How to win global business 
via authentic stories and 
experiences from a seasoned
global business executive

> "Street Smarts" templates
 that provide step by step 
 for analyzing
and closing global opportunities

> Behind the scenes business
situations and case study
 for numerous 
countries to include China,
Brazil, Italy, Germany, and
 Slovenia to name a few

*** This book will benefit business executives, business students, multi-level marketing executives, and small business owners interested in learning the skills necessary to compete in the global market place ***

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"Street Smarts for Global Business is a must read for a corporate executive on the run or someone who needs last minute preparation before meeting the firm’s foreign partners or potential customers. This book is an excellent complement for theory driven text on global business." 

Dr. Chi Anyansi-Archibong
Professor of Strategic and International Management
School of Business and Economics
North Carolina A&T State University

A common response often heard by Americans when conducting business overseas is “That’s just not how things are done over here”. As true as that statement may be—and no matter how different things are done elsewhere, the business objective remains the same: close the deal, create value, and get paid!

Street Smarts for Global Business gives you a behind the scenes look at how global business transactions are done in countries and cultures outside of the United States. For more than twenty years, Rob Day has negotiated hundreds of business deals on nearly every continent and has deep experience all over the world to include China, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Great Britain, and Brazil to name a few.

Rob addresses six key topic areas you will face when working abroad:

» Legal 
» Language and Communications
» Culture
» Negotiations
» Outsourcing
» Protecting Intellectual Property

Sales aid templates like the "Pre-Negotiation" template to the left are introduced and explained in-depth to include commentary on the logic required to fill in appropriately. The goal is to aid the reader in collecting, analyzing, and reflecting on the strategy required to close a global transaction. Also  included in the book are examples of the templates filled in with with an actual sales opportunity in China. The case study, "Penetrating China", that is unveiled in several chapters details a first-hand, behind the scenes account of a start-up company trying to penetrate one of the most challenging mobile operators in the world.

  • Legal Environment
  • Political Environment
  • Foreign Partner Checklist
  • Negotiating Process (Four Phases)

"Having been fortunate enough to have the experience of operating in executive roles for a variety of large publicly traded to small private companies; I realized that there are very few manuals or books pertaining to “the essential 20%” of the global skills required to be successful. My mission was to write a book that communicated my experiences so that others could succeed." 

Rob Day, Author of Street Smarts for Global Business

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