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Educational and Entertaining!

We have experienced what is most likely to be deemed the greatest economic crisis in modern times. For many, this is an awakening that our finances and relationships with the world can affect our wallets.

As a guest, Rob can help your audience understand:

* What is the crisis and how did we get here?

* Liquidity, solvency and others are fancy words -- what do they mean?

* How do you know when we have seen “the bottom”?

* What should “We” do -- as the government and as individuals?

* Sitting at the kitchen table, what should you think about next?

* Plus Much More!

Street Smarts for Global Business Awarded 2009 Allbooks Review International Best Business Book...Click to view press release
Author Rob Day Appearing November 25, 2008 on "Real Money" with Host Deborah Owens From the NPR station WEAA 88.9 Studio in Baltimore, MD....Click to view press release
Timely New Book Released For Global Business Executives Concerned About Business Expansion...Click to view press release