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 "Allbooks December 2009 Feature Business Book of the Month"


 "Required Text"

As a teacher with thirty years of experience including nine years of teaching Business Management I am pleased to see a text on International Business that fits the bill! In developing curriculum over the years, it has been difficult locating the perfect resource to accomplish the international objective of the course. Rob Day manages to capture the reader / students attention on this subject in a magnanimous way. This read is an excellent addition to any Business Program. "An International Business Text Written from the Heart"

Robert Leiby, Educator


 "As the Title Promises"

As the title promises, the book covers the subtle and important aspects of doing global business. It is not a reference book. It is a book which will open the eyes of the inexperienced. And get the inexperienced to understand what it is they understand and need to understand. Consider this book an introductory course to global business. College graduates entering the workforce will benefit greatly as will others just starting out in the global workforce. If you enjoy the writing style of Eliyahu Goldratt's ("The Goal"), you will enjoy Street Smarts for Global Business. This is a one international trip read(6-8 hours) business book.

Greg Guidolin, Global Project Manager


"Buy it for the Templates Alone! and save mucho $$$ of consulting fees"

You'll Love the Real World Stories But The Case Studies and Business Templates are invaluable. Mr Day will help you hit payday with this book.
A must have for any business executive.

Jim Mains, V.P. Global Professional Services


"Street Smarts to be on par with some of the best"

Although in my current position I don’t conduct business internationally, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am an avid reader of business books and found Street Smarts to be on par with some of the best. It was concise, full of practical advice and easy-to-understand case studies, and unlike many business-related books, it was engaging. Of course it is a great introduction to global interactions; however, I also found it to be full of insights, knowledge and templates useful for business interactions in general. The world is getting smaller. With the proliferation of online businesses and the increase in outsourcing of job functions, it is imperative that everyone familiarize themselves with the basics of conducting business globally. When I began reading Day’s book, I expected to get an overview that would prepare me for future international dealings. But fortunately what I also got were several tips in negotiating, meeting planning and surprisingly people-reading that I can use now in my every day business life.

Marcia Caster, Time Inc.