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Introduction – A Challenging Global Marketplace  

Chapter 1: Street Smarts Case Study 

  • Case Study: Volare Pharmaceuticals 
  • Case Study Exercise  

Chapter 2: Legal – “When in Rome, You Can’t Do as the Romans Do”  

  • Penetrating China Part 1: “What’s In the Bag?”
  • What is Legal There, May Not Be Legal Here 
  • Political Risks
  • But What If Something Goes Wrong? 
  • Introduction and Chapter 2 Summary    

Chapter 3: Language and Communications – “Being Understood Even When They Do Not Understand” 

  • I Think We Speak the Same Language
  • Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1 - 9)   
  • Please Speak Slowly  
  • Penetrating China Part 2: “Send In the Photographer”
  • Street Smart Principle “Language and Communications”  
  • Chapter 3 Summary  

Chapter 4: Negotiations – “No Referees, No Rule Book – No Fair” 

  • Whose Paper Do You Start With?  
  • Beware of the Booby Traps!  
  • “Price- In” Other Attributes   
  • Take the Fear Out   
  • Test Your Negotiation Skills in the Back Alleys
  • Are You Holding a “Pair of Aces” or “Seven-Deuce”?  
  • Avoid the Zero-Sum Game
  • Stay Ahead of the Jet  
  • Street Smart Principle “Negotiations”
  • Chapter 4 Summary

Chapter 5: Intellectual Property – “The Crown Jewels” 

  • The Basics of Intellectual Property
  • A Landmark Case: Cisco versus Huawei
  • Penetrating China Part 3: “A Change in Plans”
  • Penetrating China Part 4: “They Are Getting Close To Our Secret Sauce”
  • Penetrating China Part 5: “A Moving Target”
  • IP Grey Areas
  • Street Smart Principle “Intellectual Property”
  • Chapter 5 Summary

Chapter 6: Outsourcing – “Friends or Foes?”

  • “$17 per Hour, Your Spreadsheet Must Be Wrong”
  • Bill Gate’s Had One Prediction Wrong 
  • Outsourced in Downtown Boston
  • Be Suspicious of Free as It Could Cost You More 
  • Street Smart Principle “Outsourcing”
  • Chapter 6 Summary

Chapter 7: Culture – “It’s Not a War, It’s a Way of Life” 

  • You Will Never Know More About Them, Than They Will Know About You
  • Americans in Disguise 
  • A Good Morning Walk
  • Hiring, Firing, and Politics
  • Who Makes The Decision? 
  • The Dinner Table: Your Hardest Exam 
  • Beware of the Pitfalls
  • Street Smart Principle “Culture”
  • Chapter 7 Summary

Chapter 8: Street Smarts Global Business Templates

  • Street Smarts Investigation Phase Templates
  • Street Smarts Negotiation Phase Template 
  • “Penetrating China” Template Example


About the Author